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Here you can find my future masterclasses, events and tours!
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My name is Tamás Zsolnai

I’m a ZUMBA® instructor, choreographer, dancer and dance teacher.

Do you want to learn more about me?

Here you can find my completed trainings, my achieved milestones and achievements.
Through the questions you can learn about how my dance or ZUMBA® carreer started.

Party time!

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Here you can find my future masterclasses, events and tours!

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Organizing Events!

Would you like to invite me to one of your masterclasses?

Would you like to see me keeping a class on a healthday or camp?

Contact me and we will discuss the details!

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Would you like to participate in one of my classes but you haven’t got the chance yet?

During the pandemic you can dance with me through online classes in the safety of your home.

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Looking for a dance teacher?

Are you looking for a teacher for prom or wedding or other kind of events?

I am accepting request from many parts of Hungary! During my career I have been more than 500 different event’s coreographer and dance teacher!
If you would like to contact me…

My camps!

Every year I organize my T.D. summer and winter ZUMBA® camps.

Latin workshops, team building games, dance and theme parties, special guests and of course Aqua ZUMBA® and ZUMBA® masterclasses are waiting for the participants.
Would you like to be a part of an unforgetable event?


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